Watch Live Rugby Streams – Best Sites

Let’s face it – the major media do dedicate some of its content to rugby, but it is simply not enough to turn your TV on and hope to find all of the matches and championships you want to watch. Whether you are willing to pay for live streaming or just want a freebie, the internet offers a wide selection of sites and channels dedicated to streaming rugby. Here are some of the websites that offer live streaming we think you might enjoy.


RugbyPass is one of those websites that are not just about streaming – they really understand the content and the needs of their viewers. That is why, apart from live streams and their special Rugby Pass TV service, which covers major rugby events, interviews, and analyses, you can also enjoy some of the finest articles the world of rugby has to offer on the latest news concerning your favourite sport. They offer this service for just $1 a month, so even the stingiest sports fan knows that the content provided is more than worth the money. It is aimed at the audience of the world, so, even if you are not from the UK, you can still enjoy the latest matches, provided you are in one of the 35+ countries they cover with their service.


Sure, you have to sign up to enjoy the content. However, while this may be seen as a hassle, it did an amazing job of covering the Rugby World Cup 2019 and it still offers some of the highlights of each match. There are three servers to choose from and it is not afraid of listing its competitors you can check out if you are not happy with their service. This is especially useful if you are unable to find the exact content you might be searching for.


Ah, yes – the internet equivalent of having thousands of channels to choose from and having something for everybody. Naturally, a quick search provides you with the best channels for streaming rugby matches. In fact, not only can you find some nice live matches, but you can also enjoy full coverage of the matches that already happened and some creative alternatives to the classic sport, including the underwater rugby. Fair warning though, for the viewers – it may be a good idea to consider getting a VPN service in case the uploader decides to blacklist your location.


What makes RugbyEurope special? Well, apart from the live stream, they have a lot of content for rugby lovers, including the full matches, highlights, and future match fixtures. While they don’t actually have their own video player, they do connect to other streaming services to give you the matches you are looking for. Whether you want to see big matches or local ones, men or women, RugbyEurope has you covered.

Daily Motion

YouTube’s little cousin has its own share of live channels and interesting videos for all rugby lovers. In fact, it is this site that RugbyEurope pulls some of its content from. They have dozens of channels dedicated to rugby, so it can be relatively easy to see the highlights from your favourite match. On a side note, there is one thing that we really enjoy about Daily Motion. It is the fact that it features videos and streams that even YouTube gets a bit squeamish about.