Best Rugby News Websites

Rugby is really popular on a global scale. That is why people from all over the world, including Thailand, are eager to go online and keep track of their favorite sport, while they are searching promo codes like รหัสโบนัส.com. The web is the perfect place to keep track of the latest rugby news and we’ve made a humble list of some of the finest rugby news sites.


RugbyPass is one of the most popular websites when it comes to rugby coverage. Not only do they stream rugby matches and events to over thirty countries in the world, but they also cover news, analyses, and original video content. Their articles and match line-ups are up-to-date and you can tune in to the matches in progress to follow the action yourself, or even play the thing form the beginning to catch up on what you may have missed. One of their services is Rugby Pass TV, where global fans, which count in millions, can see some amazing shows about rugby for just a dollar a month.

The Guardian

While not entirely dedicated to rugby, the media giant has a large portion of its site dedicated entirely to this amazing sport. If you are a global rugby fan who is looking for news on your favourite local team you may be out of luck – The Guardian mainly covers news related to rugby in the UK and Australia. That being said, there are a few articles here and there concerning the news with a global impact on the sport.

The Roar

The Australian news site covers rugby, cricket, racing, and football, among other things. They are also mostly focused on rugby in Australia and New Zealand. Apart from the professionally written articles and news coverage, the site also allows fateful followers to give their two cents on the state of rugby concerning teams, coaches, and star players. They also feature Club Roar, where local teams can join the community in order to promote themselves via videos. So, not only does The Roar keep you in the loop concerning rugby news, it lets you be a part of them, as well.

BBC Sport

Last, but certainly not least, is the BBC Sport, with a page dedicated to the world of rugby in the UK. It features articles, interviews, and audio and video content that includes match highlights. Occasionally, for the bigger international events, like the Rugby World Cup, they will certainly do their best to keep you in the loop. The site offers its patrons the option of signing up for their newsletter in order not to miss some of the latest pieces of news.