About Us

We are an enthusiastic community of old, young, experienced, and newbie Touch Rugby players on a mission to share, connect, stay fit, and have fun playing the game we love.

Here, we share news making the rounds in the world of rugby; we collaborate to attend or host events; and of course, we try to keep things lively here by sharing interesting ‘stuffs.’

Touch rugby is a fast-paced, skillful, intense, action-packed team sport that’s easy to learn, easy to play with minimal contact.

So, whether you’re a decent player with loads of experience or a newbie with no idea how the game is played, or just trying to keep fit you are welcomed.

Also, the game is ideal for both men and women, which means you’d be playing in or against a mixed team.

Feel free to explore our site, leave comments on topics you find interesting, and we hope you have fun!