The Difference Between Sports Betting and Online Casinos

To a person that has never placed a bet before, every form of gambling might look exactly the same. Essentially, a gambler puts money at risk as to have a chance of making a profit. In that sense, all betting types are the same. However, there are significant differences in the way you approach each type of gambling. Here, we will discuss how sports betting, in particular, differs from other casino games that you might find at your favourite operator.

Is It All Just Luck?

When you play online slots, for example, you will rely only on pure chance. Each slot game works with a random number generator, which means that a computer gets to randomly decide whether you win or lose, regardless of your ‘strategies’. There are a few tips here and there on how to play these types of games and what to look out for, but there’s really nothing that gives you an edge from being an experienced slot player. You might hit the spin button for hours and lose everything in the end, while a 70-year-old lady sitting next to you lands a jackpot on the first go.

The same goes for roulette. You have no control over where the ball will land on the wheel, therefore you can only guess. Each number has an equal chance of winning, whether you play the French or the American version. Again, there are a couple of tips you can use to utilise your bankroll, but nothing more than that.

Skill Games

There are some casino games where you can benefit from skill rather than just luck. Texas Hold’em poker is one of them. In this card game, you have to consider many things, like the mathematical chances, the chip stack of your opponent, the position you are playing in, and more. You can also benefit from working on your poker face and knowing how to perform a good bluff.

You can win easily on blackjack if you learn how to count cards. However, this is strictly forbidden, and the dealers are trained to recognise this type of activity, which might result in you being banned from the casino.

Sports Betting Requires Knowledge

Finally, we have reached the subject of sports betting. While somebody who never watches sports might win a bet by merely observing the odds, you will likely benefit from knowing a thing or two about the game. Being familiar with the current form of a team or a player, following advanced stats, and keeping up with the injury reports, can give you an advantage when betting on a particular event. However, the experts who work for a bookie know this information as well, and will compile the appropriate odds based on it.

The main difference between sports betting and casino gambling is the house edge. This is the number representing a profit that a casino is going to make when a certain game is played over a longer period. Sportsbooks don’t have the house edge, but rather predict themselves what the outcome of a sporting event will be, and create the odds accordingly.


Casino games are mostly about luck, except for a few card games that require some skill. Sports betting, on the other hand, is where you can turn your knowledge into profit, and rely on more than just a hunch.