Online betting guide

We live in a day and age where it is nearly impossible to just stand still. Reading books and meeting people face-to-face, as well as going to your local betting house are slowly, but surely becoming a thing of the past, because convenience has switched our real world with a tiny one that follows us everywhere while inside our pocket.

Indeed, smartphones allow you to bet on the go, and have become almost indispensable in this respect. You can play casino games, place a bet on your horse or football team, and collect your winnings, all the while chatting with your friends, or lying on the grass field during a family picnic. Mobile tech has given us one more benefit – online betting guides. We are going to talk about a few that merit mentioning.


This one is literally called that – Online Betting Guide. Originally for UK citizens more than 15 years ago, it provides its users with basic understanding of what online betting is and how to do it, as well as some highly advanced strategies. The app provides you with the latest tips, the community is welcoming and you will have someone to list all the pros and cons of bookies whenever you feel like it.

Beginners Betting Guide

This isn’t for advanced veterans, but rather for those among us who are just starting to discover the convenient world of online gambling. They have a blog, though not a very frequent one – sometimes posts don’t get updated for months at a time, so they are not always on top of the latest trends. Luckily, not many things change at the drop of a hat, and you can pick up some very useful info regarding types of bets, what sporting events you can bet on, some beginner tactics, and find out which bookie has the best individual service, like live streaming, for example. All in all, not the greatest guide, but a good starting point nonetheless.

Matched Betting

This one is not a website, but a method of winning bets and profiting with minimal to non-existent risk, or so the people say. The author, Owen Burek, gives us a step-by-step explanation of the method that makes the most of online casino and bookie offers, as well as practical examples for individual websites. He also gives his two cents on what apps to use, to say on top of the latest promotions and to calculate odds. The guide is extensive, and there is a comments section, run by Disqus, where you can ask a question about the method and the best way to utilize it to the fullest.