Interesting Rugby Games You Can Play Online

Online video games are interesting, especially if you have friends to play them with if they even allow multiplayer gameplay. Some games do, others do not. In the case of rugby games, you can expect them to offer both single-player and multiplayer gameplay.

If you are a fan of rugby and want to play games online, here is a list of some of the best ones you can play online, with friends or alone.

Rugby Star

The list may appear grim when its first game is a slot machine game. Truth be told, ever since EA Sports stopped their rugby franchise after its famous Rugby 08 title, good rugby games have been scarce, and could be counted on the fingers of a single hand.

Luckily, not all developers dropped rugby as a theme, and Rugby Star comes as a nice way of blowing off some steam if you happen to feel like gambling. Do note that there is actual money involved like with any online video slot machine game.

Rugby League Live 4

Even though it received mixed reviews on Steam, this game is one of the best rugby games you can play today, online and offline. It offers great graphics and acceptable gameplay, while also allowing you to play against or with your friends if you wish to play in co-op mode.

Coming from Big Ant Studios, the game offers you to play as a junior athlete, all the way to the senior years, playing for big teams and countries, alike. You can even create your own stadium for your club, including the club’s logo. This is, of course, applied to the players’ jerseys.

Rugby Challenge 3

Another good rugby game in a sea of ones you could easily forget, and some of which you would want to forget, Rugby Challenge 3 stands out like a beacon. Even though it comes with mixed reviews on Steam, like the one above, it is still a very good rugby game. You can enter career mode, have regular matches and enter many of the world’s leagues to compete. With over 100 teams and stadiums from all over the world, you can experience some of the greatness that rugby offers, with or without friends. Yes, this game offers local and online multiplayer.


This is currently an early-access game on Steam which people can download and play, or rather play-test, as the game is still in development. It combines rugby and other sports to bring you a game which offers an exciting and substantially different experience of sports, on the Moon. Yes, the gravity is different and therefore, more unpredictable. The game offers local and online multiplayer. With more players and testers, it might even evolve into quite a rugby-inspired title.

These are some of the best rugby games you can play online as of now.