5 Great YouTube Channels for Rugby Lovers

Rugby is a sport which is favored by many a European and beyond. It is played in multiple countries all over the world, even the US. Canada and the US are in love with their own versions of the game, namely American and Canadian football, but rugby is where it all started. In Australia, Australian football or Aussie rules is a variant which is very popular. But, throughout Europe, plain old rugby union or simply, rugby, is a very popular sport. 

It is one of the sports people frequently bet on, because it has matches throughout the year, and is fairly popular, but not as much as football, for example. Most people who bet online know the ins and outs of betting and know how to use promo codes, by visiting links such as this one Others, they have problems following the scene and knowing how to bet.

Some people get informed on various sites, by reading articles and blogs, while most prefer audio/visual content. This is where YouTube channels come in. Here are the top rugby YouTube channels for you to watch.

World Rugby

This is about as straightforward as it gets. World Rugby is the governing body of rugby for the entire world, or what is often called rugby union. They have content about all things rugby, from the most popular matches, to interviews and more. Following this channel is kind of essential for a rugby fan. They have plenty of video uploads every day, so your rugby content desires should be satisfied.

Premiership Rugby

England loves both football and rugby. Given that the top level of competition in England in football is called the Premier League, then it is only to be expected that the top level of rugby competition should be called the Premiership Rugby. 12 teams, the best of the best, competing at the top, they have the most avid fans and thus produce good content on their YouTube channel.

Rugby Zone

It is always great to find a channel which is not affiliated with any official league or company. This is simply a fan channel and a very good one at that. Even through they only release a single video every per week, they are high quality and surely educate you as much as they would entertain you.

Rugby Montages HD

The name should explain everything you need to know about the channel. You want player montages? You got them, in high definition. No more pixels getting in the way of your favorite sports moments.

The Rugby Pod

A channel devoted to podcasts. Chatting about what’s what and who’s who and rugby, of course. This is one of those channels for people who like to watch or rather, listen to a long conversation about their favorite topic, in this case, rugby.

Rugby is many people’s favorite sport. If you want to watch more rugby, head on over to YouTube and check out these five channels, mentioned above.