Fitness Benefits

We think there is a better way to getting fit and active, burning calories, building muscle tone and having fun with your friends without having to be a member of a gym.

Playing Touch Rugby League provides you with a healthy workout in a fun environment, “Sometimes you forget you are even working out!”

A study was commissioned in 2013 to investigate playing a game of touch rugby league and how this can provide you with a great workout.

Here are five exciting facts about playing Touch Rugby League:


Heart Rate Peak

On average players work at 80% of their maximum heart rate in a Touch Rugby League game.

Average Match speed

The average speed a player travels at during a match is 7kmh.

Total distance

The average distance covered during a game of Touch Rugby League is 3086.48m covered in a 40 minute fixture. In elite football a player would typically cover 3333m for similar match duration.

Total distance per minute

On average a player would cover 92.7m each minute. In comparison to Super League (2011) a player would typically cover between 89 and 95m every minute.

Burn calories

€œBurn up to 610 calories per hour playing Touch Rugby League