What do I need to Play Touch Rugby League?

Play Touch Rugby League can be played indoors or outdoors in a variety of settings.

Outdoor settings can include a park, a community club, or even a professional club stadium. This is usually on a grassed area or 3G pitch.

Indoor sites include Powerleague centres, Leisure centres or Sports halls.

We have picked out our top 3 items we think you will need to take part in your first session:

  1. Water bottle – It is always recommended to keep yourself hydrated, why not bring a bottle to fill up before you take to the pitch.
  2. Appropriate Clothing – This could include shorts and a t shirt if it’s good weather or tracksuit pants and jacket if you want to wrap up warm.
  3. Footwear – If you are indoors trainers are recommended. Once outside, football boots, including studs or moulded studs will help you glide along!

It really is that simple! The next step is booking on your first programme.

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